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  • Ma Rainey - Memphis Minnie - Nothing But The Blues
Titel:Nothing But The Blues
Interpret: Ma Rainey - Memphis Minnie
Label: History
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Vintage Blues der 20er 30er Jahre des vergangenen Jahrhunderts.


CD1 - Ma Rainey
1 Stormy Sea Blues
2 Night Time Blues
3 Explaning The Blues
4 Army Camp Harmony Blues
5 Countin´ The Blues
6 Cell Bound Blues
7 Shave ´Em Dry Blues
8 Toad Frog Blues
9 Farewell Daddy Blues
10 Jealous Hearted Blues
11 Jelly Bean Blues
12 Rough And Tumble Blues
13 Goodbye Daddy Blues
14 Lousiana Hoo Doo Blues
15 See See Rider Blues
16 Booze And Blues

CD2 - Memphis Minnie
1 Frisco Town
2 Bumble Bee
3 I´m Talking About You
4 Joe Louis Strut
5 Moonshine
6 My Baby Don´t Want Me No More
7 Boy Friend Blues
8 Nothing In Rambling
9 Me And My Chauffeur Blues
10 In My Girlish Days
11 I´m Not A Bad Gal
12 Looking The World Over

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